General 22 April 2022

Your hair is beautiful - with Dermapen

We are pleased to be able to present the latest beauty highlights to you in this article. Because this year cool beauty trends are waiting for us - from cryo facials to sustainable products to innovative scalp serums. You can read here which four trends you absolutely must not miss.

We treat the scalp with microneedling in combination with a hair serum. This serum has ingredients that help regenerate underserved hair follicles. I have thin hair per se and every visit to the hairdresser is a risk – if too many chemicals are used, my hair suffers particularly badly. Now I lie regularly on the couch with Sina and have the hair serum transferred to my scalp. Since the hair follicles are very sensitive, the needles remain on the surface and activate hair growth. If you are interested - just let us know. We are happy.