• Natural method for biostimulation of skin cells
  • Active skin rejuvenation and highly effective wrinkle smoothing
  • Long lasting effect
  • Best compatibility through endogenous active ingredients
  • Minimal risk of allergies or intolerance
  • Treatment without synthetic substances

Timeindividually dependent

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Recommended home care:

Ageless Total Facial Cleanser: Important after a needling is a thorough regular cleansing, which definitely has with this cleanser, which contains glycolic acid, supports the natural removal of dead skin cells

€33,00 / 177 milliliters (€18,64 * / 100 milliliters)

VAT included

The Max Stem Cell Serum and Cream: Offers the skin the opportunity to completely re-repair itself with the contained stem cells, perfect combination with needling and PRP

€210,00 / 100g, 30ml

VAT included

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