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With our medical spa concept, we have developed the perfect combination of effective medical wound healing treatments, the latest scientific findings and the most modern cosmetic procedures in a pleasant atmosphere for you. With this holistic approach, we start where classic cosmetics reach their limits. The majority of our therapies are an effective and gentle alternative to scalpel surgery

For a better feeling

Traditionally, we use medical cosmetic treatments before or after plastic surgery. They support the healing process, enable smoother skin and more beautiful scars. Benefit from the experience gained from these treatments even if you are not planning an invasive procedure, but simply want a rejuvenated appearance and a fresh radiance of the skin.
And we don't just take care of you on the outside: In the Medical Spa at the Plastethics Klinik you will be personally cared for by our professional team, you will find peace and relaxation and you will start the day refreshed and with a youthful appearance.